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Shaun Muir Racing offers a variety of services to ensure that you get the best results for your bike. We aim to acheive the highest performance for your bike, and combine our many years of experience in racing with parts and equipment of the highest quality.

Below are the facilities we have available and some of the services we provide. If you have a specific need for your bike please contact us.

Facilities & Services


Electronics programming for maximum efficiency 

Electronics & ECU

Find the best swingarm for your machine

Fine-tune brakes for maximum performance

Brake systems

Get your wheels balanced and fit the right tyres for your bike

Wheels & tyres
Engine rooms

Purpose-built rooms for specialist engineering

Service bays

Service bays cater to multiple bikes

Quick fabrication of parts models using 3D printing

Rapid protoyping

Fit the best exhaust for your bike


Forks & frame set up for the perfect riding experience

Suspension & Chassis

In-house dyno room tests power output and engine maps

Machine room

Fully-equipped machine room 

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